Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Most Unlikely Place I Acquired Records (Pt. 2)

The Most Unlikely Place I Acquired Records (Pt. 2)

A couple of years back 'Open Homing' with my then girlfriend in the mean streets of Kohimarama we came across a very cool old mansion, which was ultimately out of our price range when it came up for auction; but on that open home afternoon I was poking around a decrepit shed out the back of the property when I opened up the tool cupboards in a side wing of the shed and BAM! They were filled with LPs and 45s; lots of '60s/'70s rock and pop stuff. No one else around but I had no bag, so I stuffed a couple of interesting 45s in my pockets and my girlfriend's handbag, leaving a few hundred other LPs and 45s just chilling there waiting for the new owner to dispose of. I contemplated returning to the open home the next weekend better equipped but got busy. Unexpected!


Part One: In 1989 a block or so outside of Camden Market and this guy's selling tunes out of his car boot. I'll have those 2x12"s plus the 2x7"s of The Mohawks' 'The Champ'. 24yrs later and I can't find a single copy anywhere!

Part Two: In Christchurch sometime during the late '80s this English guy turned up and set up a record store in an arcade across Cashel Street to High Street, selling pretty much only rare groove 7"s. Me and a few mates went ballistic buying up pretty much everything he had. I'm not sure whether we were the cause of him suddenly disappearing but for a brief period we were shopping in a goldmine.

(Taken from issue #3 of the 'Soultearoa Shakedown' fanzine)

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