Sunday, 8 December 2013

NZ Soul All Dayer 'Summer Series 2014'

The forecast for Aotearoa this summer? The most soulful on record!

After establishing itself during 2013 as NZ's premier soul music event, the NZ Soul All Dayer leaves Auckland City behind and follows the sunshine, kicking off the New Year in two of our country's best known and most loved summertime spots: Mt Maunganui, and Waiheke Island.

Saturday 4 January: Astrolabe, Mt. Maunganui
A stellar line-up of locals and key Soultearoa crew will bring some real feel good soul to what can traditionally be pretty blurry days following New Years' celebrations, with an appearance at one of the Mount's most treasured venues. Only minutes from the beach and with a super-sexy outdoor courtyard area, Astrolabe perfectly captures the summertime soul vibe of the NZ Soul All Dayer.

And DJs All Day:

Sunday 26 January: The Venue, Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island
Auckland Anniversary Weekend 2014 sees the debut of the Waiheke Island edition of the NZ Soul All Dayer, with an all-star line-up delivering some seriously soulful summertime vibes to one of the most attractive settings in the country - The Venue. Situated right beside Onetangi Beach, The Venue has a sun-drenched courtyard space out front and a sub-tropical 'hidden garden' out back, but the whole joint will be oozing soul for the 'Summer Series 2014'.

And DJs All Day:

An all day celebration of soul music, the purpose of the NZ Soul All Dayer is to bring together like-minded lovers of real soul music while replicating the vibe and spirit of the original Soul All Dayers from the UK.

The events begin in the early afternoon and over the course of twelve hours a stack of hand-picked DJs reach deep into their crates to play many of the shades of soul music, from classic soul, rare groove, funk and boogie, to northern soul, proper disco and much, much more besides.

In keeping with many of the UK All Dayers, we also present live DJ/PA performances, and for the 'Summer Series 2014' we're delighted to play host to our 'Sisters From Other Misters' - Vanessa Stacey (Electric Wire Hustle, Sola Rosa) and DJ Ayesha (Bella Kalolo).

As is our way, we'll be giving away free copies of the 'Soultearoa Shakedown' fanzine, screening classic soul and Blaxploitation movies throughout the day, selling exclusive 'Soul Tiki' merchandise and playing more great soul and funk music than you can shake a jandal at.

So come n' Slip-Slop-Slap with us as we make this summer NZ's most soulful yet!

Saturday 4 January 2014
82 Maunganui Road
Mt Maunganui

Sunday 26 January 2014
21 The Strand
Onetangi Beach
Waiheke Island

The Mt Maunganui event is FREE!

For the Waiheke Island event book tickets at: or phone (09) 361 1000
Or the direct link here

Ticket outlets:
Real Groovy, 438 Queen St, Auckland
Conch Records, 115A Ponsonby Rd, Auckland
Waiheke i-Site Visitor Information Centre, 118 Ocean View Rd, Oneroa, Waiheke Island

Thursday, 7 November 2013

NZ Soul All Dayer #3: Christmas 2013 Edition | Sat 7 Dec

NZ Soul All Dayer #3: Christmas 2013 Edition
From Midday Saturday 7 December at the Golden Dawn

We said we'd do it all over again - and we did.

A baker's dozen of NZ's most soulful DJs gathered together with the Windy City's finest ladies, the Chocolate Box Deluxe and a packed house of smiling punters, to brave the mid-winter cold downtown for last winter's hottest soul music event.

Now we're taking Aotearoa's friendliest party back uptown to start the summer season of NZ Soul All Dayer events, with our first ever Christmas edition.

As is our way we've lined up an impressive selection of DJs who will play some of their most prized vinyl possessions for your listening, fiending, dancing and nerding pleasure. We're delighted to play host to a live PA set also...

Jennifer Zea with Bobby Brazuka (Latinaotearoa) (PA set)

With DJs...

Jay Jeffrey
Bevan Keys
Simon Grigg
Gene Rivers
Kris Holmes
Peter Mac
Campbell Ngata
Matthew Crawley and the Good Foot DJs (bFM)
Scott 'Doughboy' Towers
Kirsty Hargreaves

Sat 7 December is Ponsonby Rd Market Day, so come along early to check out bric-a-brac stalls inside the Golden Dawn, including the debut of the Soultearoa Record Swap Meet. Whether you bring a couple of carefully selected pieces, a crate of dusty old treasures or just turn up empty-handed, you'll be able to buy, sell and swap a range of great records geared toward the soulful end of the musical spectrum; while listening to some of the best soul and funk music in the country.

Along with all of that we'll be giving away issue #3 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine, screening classic soul and Blaxploitation movies all day, serving soul food from the Golden Dawn kitchen, and selling exclusive Soul Tiki merchandise.

It's an oasis of good grooves, a music lover's dream and a gathering of one of the most special crowds in the country. It's the NZ Soul All Dayer #3: Christmas 2013 Edition.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

"Last Night A Soul Song Changed My Life" (Pt. 2)

"Last Night A Soul Song Changed My Life"

Tell us one song which turned you on and changed your life...

(Southern Soulspinners, Los Angeles CA)
Dimas III Clown - You've Succeeded
In my long journey through the world of record collecting, many records have left an impact on my life but none have touched my heart more than "You've Succeeded" by the late Dimas Garza. It was this recording that put me on a search for Dimas, other Chicano soul singers and eventually led to the book "Chicano Soul". Two years separated our first meeting and his death. A retired carpet layer and a humble man, Garza was living a simple life in San Antonio, Texas when I met him. I convinced him to come to Southern California to perform. The love and respect that he received from his California fans was overwhelming. When the book project was finally finished I was able to get his music into EMP's "American Sabor" exhibit in Seattle, and the Smithsonian Institute exhibit in Austin. Dimas passed away too soon but he was given one last chance to see that the music that was born in his heart would live on through his records. The idea that we as record collectors are able to help give forgotten artists the recognition they deserve really made this vinyl junkie a lot more aware of our responsibilities to the artists and their creations.

(Timmion Records, The Soul Investigators, Helsinki)
Lee Moses - (Reach Out) I'll Be There
I was underage and somehow got into this bar in Helsinki where I heard the DJ play Lee Moses' "(Reach Out) I'll Be There". It was amazing! I'd never heard anything like that. The very next day my friends and I decided to start a band which would sound like that song. Sometime later I was lucky to find a copy of the single in a local record shop for a few bucks. It was one of the first funk 45s I ever bought.

(The Hook Up, Memphis TN)
Parliament - Red Hot Mama
Memphis, where I grew up, is (was) a place where soul music and its practitioners were ubiquitous. However when I was a kid, I didn't understand the impact of neither the music nor the musicians. To me Al Green was just that guy that played at Memphis in May Party at the river, Rufus Thomas was the funny old dude that was in those Ronco macaroni commercials and "Green Onions" wasn't a genius piece of instrumental music, it was merely the bumper music for the local morning talk show. I didn't get it. I was more interested in going to the mall to get that new Slayer LP or hoping I could find a copy of Blue Cheer's "Vincebus Eruptum" at the used record store. Then in '91 or '92 a buddy of mine played me a compilation of early Parliament tracks. There was a song on it called "Red Hot Mama". Eddie Hazel's riff was the gnarliest, fuzziest and toughest thing I had ever heard, but, it had those R&B back-up singers. It was FUNKY; I didn't know I liked funky. It blew my mind. It opened the doors to becoming a soul junkie. It was my gateway drug. That's why it means so much to me.

(The vinyl Don at
Al Kent - The Way You've Been Acting Lately
In 1969, as a music curious 16 year-old, a 20 year-old local MOD invited me to go to the BRIT CLUB Nottingham, mainly because he fancied my girlfriend but he said I'd like the music. Already into Soul and Motown I eagerly awaited my first experience of the Big City club. The queue was long; it ran the full length of those rickety wooden stairs. Whilst crushed and waiting to get to the top I heard for the first time in my life Al Kent's "The Way You've Been Acting Lately". Not even inside the club and the sound of Ric-Tic was changing my life, steering me on a course of seeking more USA Soul that sounded anything like this. Next week I had secured ownership of Al Kent: Ric-Tic #123 from Nottingham's legendary Select-A-Disc Record Shop Soul Cellar, along with J.J. Barnes' "Please Let Me In". I was hooked, spending most of the rest of my life eagerly trawling through vinyl.

(Owner / Operator / Organizer at Good Records, NYC)
Syl Johnson - I'm Talkin' 'Bout Freedom
Today I'd have to say I"m Talkin' 'Bout Freedom" by Syl Johnson. The groove is super heavy, a deep blues. The lyrics talk about Johnson's desire for the most basic rights, contrasting with birds in the sky or fish in the sea. It always gives me chills and reminds me of the constant struggle that so many in our society face. Tomorrow it will probably be something different.

(Breakaway Records, Austin TX)
Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is / Lee Williams - I Love You More
I remember the first soul song that changed my life: "Tell It Like It Is" by Aaron Neville. I was maybe 8. There have been many since. The last night that a soul song changed my life was not last night, but was not that long ago. "I Love You More" by Lee Williams and The Cymbals was the most recent to do a real number on me. Although I've now had it for months (and love it more!), the story I most associate with it is from last week. I drunkenly spun it (and unabashedly flailed/sang along in a corner of the stage) as a closer to a long night of dancing. At the next month's event, a girl from the previous show came up and said she was blown away by how into it I was and that she had become obsessed with it and couldn't stop listening to it via a Youtube clip. So to customize: apparently, a few nights ago, a soul song I played changed someone else's life. Good stuff.

Taken from issue #2 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine. Read the full issue here.
Part One of 'A Soul Song Changed My Life' here

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

"Last Night A Soul Song Changed My Life" (Pt. 1)

Anyone who's into music - and I do mean really into music - will remember a particular tune which truly turned them on: turned them onto music. Or onto collecting records. Or onto the infinite possibilities of the universe. Or onto sex, or drugs, or rock n' roll. Or pretty much life in general. I remember mine.

For a thirteen year-old obsessed with ghosts, and the first movie in the franchise, the second Ghostbusters film was disappointing to say the least. That is right up until the moment I heard the jangling tambourine and insistent chop of the rhythm guitar intro for "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher". And then Jackie Wilson's voice. Oh wow, that voice! Where did this come from?! My record collection at this point was mainly made up of stuff I'd raided from Mum and Dad (The Beatles, The Monkees) alongside some pretty dodgy stuff I'd picked up myself around Waihi (Whitesnake, Guns n' Roses), so you can imagine the impact Jackie had on me. I was hooked. And I still am, almost a quarter of a century later.

So, we asked a bunch of folks: what is one song which turned you on and changed your life? We love the answers, and we reckon you will too.

-- Nyntee

"Last Night A Soul Song Changed My Life"

(Conch Records, Auckland, NZ)
Happy Mondays - Bob's Yer Uncle
Sure the pundits will be frowning, but soul can mean many things to many people. Rather than the sickly sweet, some of us like it slightly left of centre. Dare I say it but Shaun Ryder was a poet for my generation. This was my favourite cut from the 'Pills, Thrills And Bellyaches' album. I had it on constant rotation on my Walkman during my first Asian excursion and it conjures up many images, tales and people from that trip. A great soulful love song with a twist, from a band described as a cross between Captain Beefheart and Sly and The Family Stone.

(Fat Freddy's Drop sax player, NZ)
Marvin Gaye - I Want You
The title track from Gaye's 1976 album is two-step slam dunk perfection for me. The production (Leon Ware) is so deep it's like a gateway drug to techno (this is a good thing btw) and the way it builds and builds without ever really losing its shit is simply amazing. Importantly, for me at least, the horn and string arrangements are the blueprint for pretty much every horn chart I've ever attempted to write; and of course, it's sex on wax. This is an all-time top 5 soul song for me.

(Resident 7" 45rpm Record Nerd at the NZ Soul All Dayer)
The Impressions - People Get Ready
This was the first Impressions or Curtis Mayfield thing I ever heard. I think I was about 16 and just getting into soul music. The lyrics are amazing, just such a beautiful message song. The guitar playing is great; as a guitarist that is something which always sticks out for me. Really, just a perfect song and even though thee are so many great covers of it, the original is always something I return to. I even performed an acoustic version of it at my Grandfather's funeral.

(Fat Albert / DJ / Promoter / Radio Host / Father / Lover / The Guvnor, Auckland, NZ)
Willie "The Beaver" Hale - Groove On
This is the first tune I played to my son Otis who was three days old at the time. The feeling of warmth, love and completeness was overwhelming - Getting my "Groove On", dancing on the rug at home, with my new born son wrapped tightly in my arms, changed my life.

(95bFM and Head Of Talent at Golden Dawn, Auckland, NZ)
The Crabbs - Land Of 1000 Dances
"Land Of 1000 Dances" may seem an obvious choice, but without it I would never have immersed myself in the World of Soul. PC Molasses, one of the chief songwriters of my soul band The Cosbys, asked me to join his covers band The Crabbs on stage one night as guest vocalist on the Wilson Pickett classic - and the rest is history. I was hooked on soul and even more hooked on performing it!

(Sugarman 3, Daptone, NYC)
Tyrone Davis - Can I Change My Mind
This is a song that hit me hard and still does every time I hear it. It is hard to put your finger on exactly why one particular song can leave you so happy, melancholy, and a feeling that you can get through whatever hard times you are dealing with. This is a song that does all that for me and more. This is for me what soul music is all about...

(Soul, Funk, Hip Hop Guru, Melbourne, Australia)
Milton Wright - Keep It Up
Me and a lovely lady used to grind to this all the time, just a pure sexy soulful love song.

(Agent 45, Atlanta GA)
The Mighty Hannibal - Fishin' Pole
When I moved to Atlanta in 1996, I was still young but becoming more familiar with rare records that were being played on various scenes (mostly the Mod and Northern Soul scenes); but for whatever reason, there was something missing from my normal record digging diet. Working my way through box after box of dusty old singles was fun, but I knew there was something more. I was working one day a week, for store credit, at a local record shop when I pulled out a copy of The Mighty Hannibal's "Fishin' Pole" 45 on Shurfine. Having never heard the song before, though loving everything about the artist's name and song title, I threw it on the store's turntable, and the owner said "You know that one's from Atlanta and was recorded just up the road from here". Everything changed in that moment. Since that day, I have dedicated much of my time and resources to researching locally produced Soul and Funk 45s. I've been fortunate enough to have met countless singers and musicians and had the time of my life talking with them and documenting their journeys through the music industry. That single 45, one that isn't particularly rare, or highly in demand, continues to be immeasureably influential in my personal record collecting and DJing story. Fortunately for all of us, the records usually last long enough to "discovered" over and over again.

Taken from issue #2 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine. Read the full issue here.
Part Two of 'A Soul Song Changed My Life' here.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

NZ Soul All Dayer #3: Christmas 2013 Edition

NZ's premier soul music event returns just in time for Christmas 2013!

Watch this space for more information regarding the lineup and the many other treats we have in store for you lucky little soul music fiends...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Jubt On: Digging In NZ

An excerpt from issue #2 of the Soultearoa Shakedown:


As every NZ record digger knows, finding funky record pre-internet in the land of the wrong white crowd was 97% perspiration, 1% inspiration, 2% unaccounted for.

I don't know how our uncles, grandparents and mates partied, but as the collections in junk stores, op shops, and the few remaining regional and suburban record nooks attest, for every one James Brown, Pleasure, or Gwen McCrae record, there are hundreds of South Pacific and Pal Joey soundtracks, Mrs Mills, Foster And Allen et al.

I liked to think I had put in work digging out nuggets in suburban oases such as Jim's Record Spot in Panmure, Revenge Records in Hunters Corner, and many fly-by-nighters over Auckland and beyond. My best ever funky haul was from the pre-TradeMe-era's essential, the Trade And Exchange.

An elderly English gent answered the phone and explained he was divesting himself of his collection, due to its size. After an excited drive to darkest suburban Henderson, I was lead into a small room with every surface covered in the records collected in thirty years of collecting soul and jazz LPs. The gent's name as been lost in the alcohol addled recesses of my memory, but he was clearing the decks of everything "for her", and I walked out that day with an armful of prime sixties and seventies soul, including my first taste of Young Holt Trio, some heavyweight jazz LPs - and pocketed change from thirty dollars.

This would have been 1995 or so, and the old fella had recorded his favourites onto tape. His loss was my gain, and the funky nuggets are still in circulation Thursday nights from 8-10pm on Base FM's 'The Boil Up'.


A small selection of notable NZ digging spots that we frequented circa the mid-'90s:

~ Jim's Record Spot, Panmure (they used to have one in henderson too, apparently)
~ Revival Records, Victoria Street, then up to K' Rd
~ Record Exchange, St. Kevin's Arcade and K' Rd
~ Revenge Records, Hunters Corner
~ Truetone Records (seven stores Auckland-wide - Remuera Rd recalled most fondly)
~ Marbecks and Real Groovy Records (of course)
~ Slowboat Records, Wellington
~ Galaxy Records, Christchurch; Echo Christchurch and Dunedin
~ Ima Hitt and Missing Link, New Plymouth
~ Corner Records (Queen St. and Lorne Sts), Auckland

That's just the record stores. Many small towns could be depended upon to have generous record bins, such as the plentiful Wellsford Second Hand Traders, and second hand book shops in Whangamata and Thames.

We'd love to hear some of your memories of crate digging and record buying in NZ, particularly from the '70s or earlier! Please get in touch:


Recommended reading: and 


Issue #2 of the Soultearoa Shakedown was published the coincide with the NZ Soul All Dayer held at the Britomart Country Club on Saturday 17 August 2013.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Reading: Soultearoa Shakedown Issue #1 now online

Issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine is now online!

Just click here to check out the NZ Soul All Dayer homepage on, and read the debut edition of the 'zine lovingly assembled to coincide with the NZ Soul All Dayer events.

In this issue:
~ Top 5 Lists from all the DJs who played at the re-launch event in May, plus the likes of Gilles Peterson, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Vanessa Freeman, Dante Carfagna, Lance Ferguson and plenty more.
~ Album reviews by Kris Holmes (Charles Bradley, Nicole Willis and Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label).
~ Soultearoa recommends: Tyra Hammond, The Side Steps Quintet and more.

Sit back, imbibe and enjoy.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Soultearoa Rise!

A massive thank you to everyone involved in the second NZ Soul All Dayer event, held Saturday 17 August at the Britomart Country Club, in Auckland. Whether you were playing, dancing, listening or just vibing with your friends, we genuinely appreciate your support in making the party a hugely successful event.

Check out our Facebook page, visit back here or drop us a line (nzsoulalldayer at for more information regarding our next event - NZ Soul All Dayer #3 - December 2013!

Soultearoa Rise...

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Chris Gill "Top 5 List"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Melbourne Top 5's

Top 5: Melbourne Bands
1. The Bamboos
2. Saskwatch
3. Kiatus Kaiyote
4. Cactus Channel
5. Clairy Browne and the Bangin Rackettes

Top 5: Melbourne Bands You've Never Heard Of
1. Kirkis
2. Ultravibralux
3. Florelie Escano
4. The Seven Ups
5. The Perfections

Top 5: Melbourne Soul Venues
1. Bar Open
2. Night Cat
3. Evelyn
4. The Espy
5. Cherry Bar

Top 5: Melbourne Soul DJs
1. Vince Peach
2. Miss Goldie
3. Pierre Baroni
4. Dave Sinclair
5. DJ Manchild

Top 5: Melbourne Record Stores
1. Northside Records
2. Northside Rekkids
3. N'side m.F.
4. Get me to the Northside
5. Sho is Funky at Northside

Chris Gill is the man behind Northside Records in Melbourne (really!?). The store has been going strong for ten years now and is THE spot to hit whenever you are in that fine city.

You can also catch Chris DJing around Melbourne and on his radio show 'The Get Down' on Melbourne's 3RRR Radio Thursdays 2-4pm NZT

Northside is also now a record label releasing soul and funk vinyl so check for that - a good one to start with would be the recent 'Soul Of Melbourne' LP. And if you're ever in Melbourne, tell Chris we sent ya...

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Keegan Fepuleai and Bob Abrahamian "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Tunes At The Moment (In No Particular Order)
1. B.Haru X Parks - Creep
2. Floating Points - Wires
3. Duckwrth - 13
4. Christoph El Truento - Insects
5. James Blake with RZA - Take A Fall For Me
Aside from keeping busy bringing internationals to NZ and throwing dope parties whenever he feels like it, Keegan can be heard on the radio every Wenerei from 4-6pm with #Jusayin, broadcasting on Base FM. You should probably also hip yourself to

Top 5: Northern Soul Song Descriptors That Confuse Americans (As Translated By An American)
1. Corker = great song to have anal sex to.
2. Cracker = song is super white and singer probably hates black people; avoid.
3. Stomper = dance to this song like Snoopy in a Charlie Brown special.
4. Floater = great song to listen to while on ketamine or PCP.
5. Beat Ballad = great song to let you and your friends catch someone off guard and assault them. Variation: "beat ballard" (kill a tiny defenceless bird while this song plays.)
Bob Abrahamian is probably the most knowledgeable person in the world when it comes to group harmony soul 45s. Based in Chicago, not only does he assist the Numero Group with much of the research for their excellent compilations, his weekly radio show 'Sitting In The Park' on Chicago's WHPK is essential listening. Did we mention he also has a great sense of humour...?

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

Ayesha Kee and Brian Poust "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Current Favourites
1. Betty Wright and The Roots - Old Songs
1. Dayton - Sound Of Music
1. Pointer Sisters - Automatic
1. Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back (To Me Now)
1. Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)
Ayesha is appearing at the second NZ Soul All Dayer as one third of Chocolate Box, alongside vocalists Lisa Tomlins and Vanessa Stacey. We seriously cannot wait...

Top 5: Countries I Haven't Been Booked To DJ In
1. New Zealand
2. New Zealand
3. New Zealand
4. New Zealand
5. Australia
Brian Poust aka Agent 45 is simply one of the best R&B/Funk and Soul 45 DJs around. Based in Atlanta, you can catch him on his website or his Georgia Soul research site, and you can cop some of his mixes at

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

J Bluevibe and Ethan Powers "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: 4am Love Songs
1. Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away
2. Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby
3. Pointer Sisters - Don't It Drive You Crazy
4. Eddie Henderson - Inside You
5. Gwen McCrae - Doin' It
J Bluevibe is also known as Jason Fishwick, the man who threw the original NZ Soul All Dayer party a few years back. For this reason alone, it's a huge pleasure to have him play at the official re-launch of his event.

Top 5: Songs For Eating Mexican/Latin Food By
1. Skull Snaps - It's A New Day
2. Jack McDuff - Oblighetto
3. The Holy Disciples - Trying To Make A Hundred
4. The Fugitives - Love Come Down
5. The Meditation Singers - I Love My Jesus
Ethan Powers is the man behind the vinyl at that institution of Chicago record stores Out Of The Past Records. They've been going since the '60s and you can probably still find stock from back then in their overflowing shelves. Definitely a sight to behold. Tell Ethan that Kris sent you. (Oh, and this Top 5 List is a heavily edited version - check issue #2 of the Soultearoa Shakedown 'zine for the full version.)

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

Monday, 5 August 2013

NZ Soul All Dayer T-Shirts and Slipmats Now Available!

Represent NZ's premier soul music event by wearing the famous 'Soul Tiki' on your chest AND on your turntables!

The t-shirts are classic box-style hard wearing tees which come in black with a white NZ Soul All Dayer logo front and centre. Sizes from Small all the way up to 5XL.

The slipmats are super strong 16oz thick felt. Again, they are black with a white NZ Soul All Dayer logo dead centre.

Please hit us up via for more information on pricing and shipping.

Soultearoa Rise!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Campbell Ngata and Kimberlee Fuller "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: 45s On High Rotate
1. The Futures - Stay With Me (Gamble, '72)
2. Avis - Baby, This Love I Have (Feline, '87)
3. Dolly Way and Space Ship Earth - Don't Stop (Color World, '76?)
4. The Younghearts - Do You Have The Time (20th Century, '73)
5. One Way - Shine On Me (MCA, '83)
Campbell has excellent records and a deep knowledge and if he didn't live way the hell down in Mt Maunganui he would be lighting up the Auckland scene. Akkalakka's loss is the Bay's gain, as Campbell can be found fortnightly on Saturdays holed up at Astrolabe Bar at Mt Maunganui spinning a killer selection of everything tasty.

Top 5: Filthy Records I Just Cleaned That Are Now In Near Mint Or VG++ Condition
1. Mike and The Censations - You're Living A Lie (Revue)
2. Harrison Brothers - Run For Your Life (Bobalu)
3. Fairchange - Let Me Be Good To You (Valley)
4. The Chosen Few - I Can't Take No Chances (Maple)
5. The Hallelujah Chorus - I've Got To Find A Way (Nickel)
Kimberlee Fuller aka Miss Shingaling lives in Richmond, VA, and splits her time between vintage arts and crafts collecting and DJing soul 45s. She was previously part of Jazzman Records in the UK before returning to the US. You should check her vintage arts and crafts handiwork.

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

AWDJ and David Haffner "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Recent Reissues ("Trying To Sound Like They're Old Tunes")
1. Lady - Please Don't Do It Again
2. The Lewis Connection - Higher
3. Five Points - Equality
4. Skip Maloney and The Casuals - I Need Your Love
5. Mop Mop - Kamakumba
Average White DJ aka Rich Crafter has been involved in playing and promoting some of the biggest underground parties this side of the black stump. And the other side, for that matter. Hear him on Base FM on The Boil Up (8pm Thurs) alongside Jubt and Kirk James; and on Smashey and Nicey (4pm Sat) alongside CoopaBlu.

Top 5: US Cities To Buy Records In c.1995
1. New Orleans
2. St Louis
3. Oklahoma City
4. Memphis
5. Concord, NC
Based in Austin, TX, Dave Haffner aka DJ Coolhands runs the excellent Friends of Sound Record Store, which is easily one of the best stores I've ever visited (and believe me there have been a few). he is also the head honcho at Magnetic Recordings. He also works with various labels to get old soul and funk records reissued. Currently you should check for his KC Express and Shirley Nanette 45s out through Truth And Soul, as well as his Antonio Castro 45 out on Jazzman.

Jubt and Dante Carfagna "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 11: Aukelangi Soul Food Favourites
"Let's face it: most food is just fuel to get you through the day, but you need those flashes of transcendence to keep you looking forward to the next mouthful. Yours may be different, but here are some old favourites that make my soul sing." -- Jubt
1. Latka at Grey's Ave Deli: essential hangover greasies
2. Pork and Fennel Dumplings at Barilla
3. Feijoa from under the tree: tart, textured and fragrant
4. Puttanesca Pizza at Prego
5. Brezel at Diehl's German Bakery
6. Beef Taco at Mexican Specialities
7. Gurnard and Chips (with extra salt) at Mt Eden Village Fish Shop
8. Lean Chilli Biltong at The South African Shop, Rosedale Road, Albany
9. Soto Sarabaya at Kuta Bali, Ponsonby Road Foodcourt
10. Steak and Blue Cheese Pie at (hopefully re-opening soon) Pie Mania
11. Spicy Miso Ramen at Daikoku Ramen

Top 5: Early '70s Soul Bands From Ohio That Never Released A Record
1. Brother Rabbit And The Electric Soul Food
2. The Elegant Undergrounds
3. The Fabulous War Machine Band
4. Mellow Thunder
5. Purple Shaft Band
Dante Carfagna lives in Chicago and is one of the most knowledgeable soul/funk 45 collector/DJs around. What this guy has forgotten about records would blow your mind - except that he doesn't forget. He is heavily involved with research for the Numero Group and has also released many record himself. Dante is simply one of the deepest heads in the world, who counts "discography" as one of his passions. Check out his website covering Ohio Soul Recordings.

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kris Holmes and Jukka Sarapaa "Top 5 Lists

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Soul 45s At The Minute
1. Barbara Lynn - I Don't Want a Playboy
2. Billy Butler - The Right Track
3. Johnny Jones - Purple Haze
4. The Vanguards - The Thought Of Losing Your Love
5. Lee Moses - Reach Out I'll Be There
Probably the deepest soul and funk 45 collector in New Zealand, you can catch Kris every Sunday from 2-4pm playing killer soul and funk 45s on Radio Ponsonby. Take a look at his record nerd research website Greenville and Beyond, and grab some of his mixes. And he also releases his own funk 45s from time to time...

Top 5: Songs For Sunday Listening
1. Romeo Taylor - When You Made Love
(...great lo-fi soul sounds with snapping drums, bit like Eunice Collins and Darondo put together on the same disc...)
2. Che Cruden - You Have Cheated Me
(...superby strange ballad with crying lead, opera style backup vocals and melodica horn melodies... very strange indeed...)
3. Black Eart - Wihtout Your Love
(...doomy soul ballad with echoed dragging drums and extremely weak vocal performance topped with some harmonies... somehow this still works...)
4. Gordon Henderson And Vikings - Pain Of Love
(...totally depressing ballad with a touch of falsetto on lead... story about a girl who's been hurt, brutalized and treated way worse than you could ever realise... amazing super wide stereo mix too...)
5. The Rajah - Down On My Knees
(...great vibrating deep soul with begging lead vocals... this dude has really been hurt and wants his lady back again...)
Jukka Sarapaa is the drummer for Finnish soul heavyweights The Soul Investigators. He is also one of the top dogs at Timmion Records, and if you want to get your own music pressed by them Jukka is the man to get in touch with. Check out their new album with Nicole Willis, 'Tortured Soul', and go buy stuff from them. 

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

Scott Towers and Kev Beadle "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Spots To Get Schooled On Awesome Music
1. Groove Merchant record store (in San Francisco, USA)
2. Ben Stevens' crates (aka DJ Longboss)
3. The Boil Up radio show (Base FM Thurs 8pm)
4. Dennis 'Citizen' Kane's podcast (
5. Kilburn Record Fair (in London, UK)
Scott DJs fairly regularly under the pseudonym Doughboy, and has done so at venues from here to Berlin, and many points in between. In his 'dayjob' he plays saxophone for Fat Freddy's Drop. And he makes a mean handmade sausage.

Top 5: Current Favourite Tunes
1. Paul Hill - Need Me Some U (Mahogani Music)
2. Anushka - I Have Love For You (Brownswood)
3. Alt J - Breezeblocks (Romare remix (CDR))
4. Mr Beatnick - Symbiosis (Don't Be Afraid)
5. Letherette - Restless (Ninja Tune)
Kev Beadles is a renaissance man: DJ, producer, tastemaker, A&R, label management, promotion, event consultancy, retail, distribution and assembler of compilations (Blue Note, Cadet, BBE and more). He is also one of the longest standing DJ resident consultants for the legendary Southport Weekender, programming the events' most cutting-edge arena - The Beat Bar; and his weekly show on Solar Radio has been running for over 12yrs. Check it via podcast. 

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

Nyntee and Mark de Clive-Lowe "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Eating Joints In Auckland City (And One Other)
1. Shochu Bar Amami, 413 Manukau Rd, Epsom
2. El Sizzling Chorizo, Ponsonby Central, Ponsonby
3. Mexican Specialties Cafe, 72 Marua Rd, Ellerslie
4. Satya Indian Restaurant, 515 Sandringham Rd, Sandringham
5. Cazador, 815 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden
...and an honourary mention (as it's nowhere near Auckland City)...
6. Roscoes House Of Fried Chicken & Waffles, Hollywood, L.A.
Nyntee is on your wireless every Friday from 12-2pm, for In The Pocket with 90, on Radio Ponsonby. It's worth giving his blog a look too. Oh, and he's also the fella behind the resurrection of the NZ Soul All Dayer, and the Soultearoa Shakedown.

Top 5: Music Events
1. D'Angelo Voodoo Tour with support from Slum Village (Brixton Academy, London)
2. Herbie Hancock/V.S.O.P. (Yomiuri Land, Tokyo)
3. Bembe Segue (Jazz Cafe, London)
4. DJ Spinna 7 Hour DJ Set (Club Asia, Tokyo)
5. J Dilla DJ Set (Plastic People, London)
 MdCL is one of NZ's most respected musical figures globally, hands down. Check his recent Take The Space Trane album (Tru Thoughts) alongside the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra for big orchestral grooves and a modern take on the big band sound. And, if you get the chance, his ever-evolving CHURCH shows in LA, and NYC during the US summer.

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE, at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

Friday, 26 July 2013

NZ Soul All Dayer Re-Launch | Photo Montage


A selection of photos taken from the re-launch of the NZ Soul All Dayer, held Saturday 11 May 2013, at the Golden Dawn - Tavern Of Power. 

Next event: Saturday 17 August 2013, at the Britomart Country Club.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Gene Rivers and Vanessa Freeman "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Maori Musicians Of Unrecognised Genius Who Set The Foundation For Todays Aotearoa Soul Sound
1. Weasel Tairoa
2. Ricky May
3. Mark Kahi
4. Anzac Te Oka
5. Phillip Rivers
Aside from being one of life's true gentlemen, Gene is also the host of Chocolate Sundae, one of the longest running shows on George FM. And there's good reason for that, too. You can confirm why by listening (along with many, many others) to him every Sunday from 4-6pm.

Top 5: Current Favourites
1. Rene And Angela - Secret Rendezvous
2. Leroy Burgess - Mainline
3. Johnny Hammond - Tell Me What To Do
4. Nuyorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
5. Gwen McCrae - 90% Of Me Is You
Vanessa Freeman has the voice of an angel. She has worked with everyone from Kyoto Jazz Massive, 4 Hero and Bugz In The Attic to Azymuth, Nathan Haines and Phil Asher. We love Vanessa and we're hoping to have her appear at a future NZ Soul All Dayer...

Issue #2 will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

Selecta Sam and Lance Ferguson "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Stone Cold Killa Wah Wah Jams (Excluding 'Shaft' and 'Son Of Shaft')
1. Apollis - What It Is
2. Carl "Sherlock" Holmes - Investigation
3. Rudy Love and Love Family - Does Your Mama Know
4. The Montgomery Express - Montgomery Movement
5. Roy Porter - Party Time
Long-time host of the The Dose, George FM's slice of everything that's good about Saturdays, Selecta Sam is a renowned vinyl fiend and a deep head of soulful, funky music - among many, many other kinds of music. Sam's also a bit of a guitar god, shredding the stage on a regular basis with his band Luger Boa. When you see him, throw him the goat from us, will ya?

LANCE FERGUSON (The Bamboos/Lanu/Menagerie)
Top 5: Antipodean Digging Spots
1. Northside Records, Melbourne
2. Slow Boat Records, Wellington
3. Butterbeats, Brisbane
4. Conch Records, Auckland
5. ReRun Records, Adelaide
Lance Ferguson is the bandleader and guitarist for The Bamboos, one of the most accomplished and respected deep funk outfits on the face of the planet. Thing is, there are so many strings to this man's bow that the opening line of this paragraph doesn't at all do him justice. Check out his own work as Lanu, or Menagerie, and his production work with Kylie Auldist; or his sideman gig in Cookin' With 3 Burners, or... you get the picture? 

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

Jay Jeffrey and Gilles Peterson "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Must Have LPs
1. Young Disciples - Road To Freedom
2. Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life
3. James Mason - Rhythm Of Life
4. Maze featuring Frankie Beverly - Maze
5. Minnie Riperton - Adventures In Paradise
Jay has played with the likes of Chaka Khan, James Brown and Jamiroquai; spent a couple of lost summers DJing in Ibiza; ran the legendary UK clubnight 'Takin' Off'; and once owned a record store called Fat Albert's. Jay now calls Auckland his home and you can hear him on Radio Ponsonby every Saturday from 10am 'til midday, with Fat Albert's Rare Groove Show.

Top 5: Re-Issues Of 2012/2013
1. Weldon Irvine - Music From Young, Gifted And Black
2. Kenny Cox - Lost My Love
3. Paco Zambrano Y Su Combo - Meshkalina
4. Shuggie Otis - Wings Of Love
5. That's Why - That's Why
Do we need to write a blurb piece about Gilles Peterson? Really...? No, we don't. However, we would like to say he compiled this Top 5 exclusively for issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown. Niceness. Thanks Gilles. 

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

Friday, 5 April 2013


The NZ Soul All Dayer returns for the first in a regular series of all day events celebrating soul music - and the people who dig it!

From 2pm 'til 2am on Sat 11 May at the Golden Dawn, soul music takes over, with...

TYRA HAMMOND (live) with SI RES (Sidesteps Quintet)

And DJs:

Classic soul and blaxploitation movies playing all day, soul food served from the Golden Dawn kitchen and more good soul and funk music than you could shake a stick at.

NZ's premier soul music event is back! Spread the word...

More info here.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

The NZ Soul All Dayer Returns!


2pm 'til 2am, Sat 11 May

For more info
Or contact: