Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ayesha Kee and Brian Poust "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Current Favourites
1. Betty Wright and The Roots - Old Songs
1. Dayton - Sound Of Music
1. Pointer Sisters - Automatic
1. Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back (To Me Now)
1. Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)
Ayesha is appearing at the second NZ Soul All Dayer as one third of Chocolate Box, alongside vocalists Lisa Tomlins and Vanessa Stacey. We seriously cannot wait...

Top 5: Countries I Haven't Been Booked To DJ In
1. New Zealand
2. New Zealand
3. New Zealand
4. New Zealand
5. Australia
Brian Poust aka Agent 45 is simply one of the best R&B/Funk and Soul 45 DJs around. Based in Atlanta, you can catch him on his website or his Georgia Soul research site, and you can cop some of his mixes at

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

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