Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Keegan Fepuleai and Bob Abrahamian "Top 5 Lists"

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Tunes At The Moment (In No Particular Order)
1. B.Haru X Parks - Creep
2. Floating Points - Wires
3. Duckwrth - 13
4. Christoph El Truento - Insects
5. James Blake with RZA - Take A Fall For Me
Aside from keeping busy bringing internationals to NZ and throwing dope parties whenever he feels like it, Keegan can be heard on the radio every Wenerei from 4-6pm with #Jusayin, broadcasting on Base FM. You should probably also hip yourself to

Top 5: Northern Soul Song Descriptors That Confuse Americans (As Translated By An American)
1. Corker = great song to have anal sex to.
2. Cracker = song is super white and singer probably hates black people; avoid.
3. Stomper = dance to this song like Snoopy in a Charlie Brown special.
4. Floater = great song to listen to while on ketamine or PCP.
5. Beat Ballad = great song to let you and your friends catch someone off guard and assault them. Variation: "beat ballard" (kill a tiny defenceless bird while this song plays.)
Bob Abrahamian is probably the most knowledgeable person in the world when it comes to group harmony soul 45s. Based in Chicago, not only does he assist the Numero Group with much of the research for their excellent compilations, his weekly radio show 'Sitting In The Park' on Chicago's WHPK is essential listening. Did we mention he also has a great sense of humour...?

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

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