Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kris Holmes and Jukka Sarapaa "Top 5 Lists

Excerpts from issue #1 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine:

Top 5: Soul 45s At The Minute
1. Barbara Lynn - I Don't Want a Playboy
2. Billy Butler - The Right Track
3. Johnny Jones - Purple Haze
4. The Vanguards - The Thought Of Losing Your Love
5. Lee Moses - Reach Out I'll Be There
Probably the deepest soul and funk 45 collector in New Zealand, you can catch Kris every Sunday from 2-4pm playing killer soul and funk 45s on Radio Ponsonby. Take a look at his record nerd research website Greenville and Beyond, and grab some of his mixes. And he also releases his own funk 45s from time to time...

Top 5: Songs For Sunday Listening
1. Romeo Taylor - When You Made Love
(...great lo-fi soul sounds with snapping drums, bit like Eunice Collins and Darondo put together on the same disc...)
2. Che Cruden - You Have Cheated Me
(...superby strange ballad with crying lead, opera style backup vocals and melodica horn melodies... very strange indeed...)
3. Black Eart - Wihtout Your Love
(...doomy soul ballad with echoed dragging drums and extremely weak vocal performance topped with some harmonies... somehow this still works...)
4. Gordon Henderson And Vikings - Pain Of Love
(...totally depressing ballad with a touch of falsetto on lead... story about a girl who's been hurt, brutalized and treated way worse than you could ever realise... amazing super wide stereo mix too...)
5. The Rajah - Down On My Knees
(...great vibrating deep soul with begging lead vocals... this dude has really been hurt and wants his lady back again...)
Jukka Sarapaa is the drummer for Finnish soul heavyweights The Soul Investigators. He is also one of the top dogs at Timmion Records, and if you want to get your own music pressed by them Jukka is the man to get in touch with. Check out their new album with Nicole Willis, 'Tortured Soul', and go buy stuff from them. 

Issue #2 of the 'zine will be available for FREE at the next NZ Soul All Dayer event - also FREE, from midday til midnight, Saturday 17 August, at the Britomart Country Club.

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